What's A Dream Body Consist Of?

When you think of having the “Body Of Your Dreams”, what do you think of? Probably good posture, nice looking muscles, strength, flexibility, stamina, clear skin (no acne), and boundless energy, right? So, what are the categories that must be worked on consistently in order to have (and to maintain) that dream body? Below are categories that I have listed that comprise the "total package" when it comes to having the Body Of You Dreams. The categories are: 

  1. Breathing

  2. Massage or Self-Myofascial Release

  3. Stretching & Mobilizing

  4. Exercising/Working Out (Resistance Training)

  5. Cardiovascular Training

  6. Eating & Drinking

  7. Resting & Sleeping

These are the categories that must be worked on CONSISTENTLY to have the Body Of Your Dreams. Without any one of these, we will be incomplete and imbalanced in some fashion. If anyone of these is lacking then you will not be a totally functional human being with a dream body. If you are super strong but are stiff and can’t move well then that isn’t very comfortable. If you have nice muscle but are burnt out and tired all the time then that isn’t what I call a dream body. If you have great cardio endurance but are full of acne and can’t stop farting or feeling bloated then you won’t enjoy bike rides as much. Each category supports the other categories. No matter what your goal is you must maintain your body and take care of it each and every day or at least every week. So, let’s go into each category in some detail. 


One thing we all take for granted is our ability to breathe. Our breath is a source of energy, power, relaxation, and stability (if your breath is deep and full). However, for most people, it is a source of stress and tension because most people have a very shallow breathing pattern that causes headaches and tension. There are things you can do including several techniques to deepen your breath so that you feel more relaxed on a daily basis. There is also a specific way one should breathe during exercise to maximize the lift and also keep you safe. We will be going over this in the future. 


Why is massage or self-myofascial release important? In our bodies, we have things called knots or adhesions that refer pain to other areas and also cause stiffness, limited range of motion, and limited blood flow. When we massage or do a self-myofascial release (in the form of foam rolling or trigger point therapy) we can undo those knots or adhesions to increase our range of motion and relieve pain. This is why massages are known for pain relief and flexibility. I will be showing you different techniques and ways in the future. 


In order to build the Body Of Our Dreams, we need to be able to move into all movement patterns without pain and with full range of motion. If you cannot get into a full squat, bend, push, pull, lunge, or twist because of stiffness from sitting all day, lack of movement, or previous injuries then you will never reach your body’s full potential. So, stretching and mobilizing is the way to get deeper into those movement patterns. Mobilizing can be more than just stretching because there are other techniques you can use to increase range of motion other than simply stretching. I will be showing you several techniques later on. 


When it comes to the Body Of Your Dreams, exercise is of course a must. In order to have a fully functional, strong, and good looking body we need muscle. And the only way to build muscle is by exercising using resistance training. This involves using your body weight, resistance bands, barbells, dumbells, cables, or any other piece of equipment that adds resistance to perform each movement pattern (which includes the squat, bend, lunge, push, pull, twist, and walk). Resistance causes muscle growth. Muscle growth causes strength and confidence. It’s a win-win! In order to have a fully functional and balanced body, we must do all movement patterns consistently. 


This is an area most people know well but either love it or hate it. Oftentimes, when people want to lose weight they resort to only doing cardio but they fail to realize that too much cardio can break down muscle. However, in order to feel good, have energy, AND stamina we must have good cardiovascular strength. Nonetheless, we can actually build our cardio without needing to do a steady-state cardio activity (like run or bike) from resistance training using specific variables and types of training methods (like HIIT or plyometrics). Cardio activities like running, hiking, biking, swimming, might not be necessary unless you're an endurance athlete but you can't tell me that you don't feel amazing after a nice run or hike. There is nothing like being in the wilderness amongst nature while hiking up a mountain or by the water!


If we don’t eat or drink water we will die. Water is so important for us but many people drink water that is overly purified or not purified at all. Springwater is more absorbable and nourishing for your body because it has minerals that get picked up as they pass through rocks and sediment in nature. Purified water in the form of distilled or reverse osmosis has been stripped of all those minerals causing your body to reject it a lot quicker than spring water or well water. 

Everyone knows that if you don’t eat right you won’t feel right or look right. Food and drink can be a source of power and energy or a source of stress and pain. If we don’t eat right what our unique body needs then we will not have high energy or lose body fat easily. What do I mean by this? I mean that we must eat according to our “metabolic type”. Look, everyone is unique. Not everyone is supposed to eat a certain way. There is NO universal diet. We all have different needs. The Alaskan Inuit Tribe eats mainly seafood with pretty much no carbs at all. The Papa New Guinean Quechan Tribe eats mainly tubers and fruits with little meat. Those are two very different diets but both are very strong, healthy, and vital peoples.

So, what is the right diet for you? In order to find that out, Bill Wolcott created the Metabolic Typing system in which you take a test to discover which of the three main types you are. Those three types are the protein type, mixed type, and carb type. Protein types require more meat & fat, while the carb types require more carbs and less protein & fats. The mixed types are somewhere in the middle. Once you discover your type you can start to customize it to fit your specific needs so you can eat as much as you want and still burn fat and have tons of energy. To find out more about this check out future blogs and read the book The Metabolic Typing Diet by Bill Wolcott. 


We can have the greatest life with the greatest people but if we don’t sleep we will not enjoy life. In addition, in order to have a nice looking and feeling body, we MUST recover. When do we build muscle: when we exercise or when we rest? Believe it or not, exercise is catabolic which means "muscle break down". Sleep is anabolic which means "muscle building". In order to build muscle after exercise, we have to get rest and sleep deeply. Due to the stress and bright lights that obstruct our homes, it is often difficult to get deep restorative sleep. In the future, I will be sharing ways to deepen your sleep so you can actually recover to build lean muscle easier and thus have a Dream Body!


In order to have the Body Of Our Dreams, we must breathe deeply and correctly, massage or self-myofascial release our knots, we must stretch our stiff muscles and tight joints, we must exercise using resistance training, we must do cardio, we must eat right for our type & drink high-quality water, and we must rest and sleep restoratively to build muscle.

Stay tuned for more details on how to enhance and maximize each of these categories so that your body becomes a Dream Body!