The 3 Major Keys For Burning Fat Fast

Fat loss is a lot simpler than what many people think because there are only 3 major keys to burning body fat fast and keeping it off, which is what I am going to share with you in this article. Those three major keys to burning fat fast are muscle, cardio, and nutrition. I call each by a different name, so I call them Balanced Muscle, Peripheral Heart Action Training, and Ancestral Typing. In this blog, I’m going to break each down for you so that you can burn fat fast without having to succumb to energy-sapping workouts, diet pills, or starving yourself.

Key #1: Balanced Muscle

Muscle itself burns fat while you rest, increases your metabolism, makes you look younger & healthier, and it makes you stronger and more resilient. According to Harvard Health, "Muscles get that energy by burning fat and sugar brought to them by the blood” (1). When I was first trying to get my body right I was spending hours doing cardio but when I measured my body fat I still had high levels of fat and my stomach wasn’t flat. I wanted to see my abs so after countless books, an exercise science degree, and lots of trial and error I learned that muscle was the key to burning fat while you rest, which is what you need for burning fat fast and if you want to burn fat for good.

However, too much of anything is never a good thing. I have a question for you: do any of you actually want to look like a professional bodybuilder? My guess is no. My opinion is that this is just ugly and scary to most people... no offense to them but most ppl just don’t want to look like a steroid taking, vein-popping bodybuilder. Most ppl just want some muscle but not so much that they can’t wipe their butts. Am I right? You must know that getting to this point of muscle is a LOT harder than you think. The bottom line is it’s impossible to get to this without steroids and HGH, and It’s highly unlikely that most of you will ever get to this point because it takes more work and food than you can imagine on top of all the steroids. So, don’t worry about having “too much muscle”, because the likelihood of this is low.

In addition, having no muscle is also a bad thing. No offense, but I don’t think it’s very attractive to have little or no muscle either. Muscle is a sign of good health. Lack of muscle signifies a lack of health and nutrition (because you would look anorexic or malnourished if you are too skinny). Having no muscle makes you weak and unhealthy so it is essential you have the RIGHT AMOUNT of muscle or else all other aspects of your life can suffer.

Thus, balanced muscle is having the right amount of muscle which makes you more attractive and healthy. As a man, it makes you look athletic and fit and as a woman you’ll look curvy and tight. Most of the athletes are seen as “so hot” by others because they have the right amount of balanced muscle, but not bodybuilder levels of it. Building balanced muscle requires doing workouts, which are a combination of functional movements paired with specific exercise variables. What will make you look more balanced comes from doing ALL functional movements and not leaving out ANY of them. We have all seen the guy with a huge torso but has chicken legs. Or the guy with a huge chest but he has horrible posture and no back muscle. How about the guy with HUGE arms but tiny chest, back, and legs.This is not “functional” or ideal. It is an imbalance and not only does it look ridiculous but it also creates pain, because muscle pulls on bones and if there are muscular imbalances then they will pull on the bones in only one direction causing postural deviations and misalignment.

So, there are SEVEN functional movements all humans do, and if you leave out any one of them you will begin to become dysfunctional and unbalanced because only the muscles of one part of your body will grow. If you want more details about what functional movements and what specific variables to choose when creating your workout then visit this blog, called Where To Start To Get Your Dream Body, to learn more.

Key #2: PHA Training

Peripheral Heart Action Training is a form of cardiovascular training which is good for your body and heart (hence the name cardio) (2). It also burns stored glycogen (sugar) in the muscle and liver (preventing it from getting stored as fat), it also keeps your heart healthy and increases your stamina among many other things. But, just like I said with muscle - too much of anything is never a good thing. Too much cardio will break down muscle which we said we need in order to burn fat while we are sleeping. Cardio will help you burn fat even faster if you are building muscle but the key is to not overdo it.

However, did you know that you don’t even have to do cardio if you train a specific way? If you train the way the National Academy of Sports medicine teaches which is PHA Training then it will give you a cardio like effect without actually having to do ANY cardio! All you have to do is do lower body exercises then upper body exercises back to back. That’s it - super simple! Now you can build muscle WHILE burning fat. This shortens your workouts because no actual running or biking is needed to achieve an elevated heart rate, which means no more boring cardio!

Key #3: Ancestral Typing (aka Paleo Typing)

“Ancestral Typing” is combining the wisdom of ancestral nutrition with the ancient practice of metabolic typing to create what I call Ancestral Typing (or Paleo Typing). This way of eating allows you to eat less, helps you feel fuller, helps you shed fat without starving yourself, gives you lasting energy, helps your brain & body work properly, curbs cravings, and so much more all because of one reason: it gives your unique body and physiology what it needs to run properly.

What if I told you there is no one size fits all approach to diet? When I started looking for the right diet for me so I could lose weight I realized there are so many diets out there. Which one is right? Everything from south beach to Atkins to keto to slow-carb, low carb, carnivore. It’s maddening all the choices. Then I started studying the different tribes across the world and I realized that they all had completely different diets yet they were all super healthy!

The Inuits in Alaska where it’s cold ate no veggies or fruits just whale meat, seal clams and fish. Kind of like keto or the carnivore diet. Yet, the Kitavans in Papua New Guinea where it’s hot ate tons of fruits and veggies and little meat. What I noticed is that different tribes ate different foods based on their unique environment and ancestry. Where it’s hot they eat lots more carbs and where it’s cold they eat lots more meat and fewer carbs.

So if everyone is different how can we all eat the same? How is meat bad for us if the Masai tribe in Africa eat tons of beef and even drink the blood of the cows?... yet they are healthy and happy? And the Chukotka tribe in the Russian Arctic eat mainly caribou yet they are healthy. On the other end - if carbs are bad why do the Kitava Tribe in Papua New Guinea eat almost exclusively fruit and tubers yet they are healthy and happy? The answer is that everyone is different and has different needs. People in hot and humid areas near the equator eat more carbs. People in cold areas away from the equator will eat more protein & fats.

Yet, many people are a mix and live in areas that are not like where they came from. So, we need to discover what we need and then eat that way if we want to avoid having to cut or count calories or go on yet another diet for the rest of our lives.

This is why eating healthy can actually save you money because instead of needing to eat more to satisfy your body’s nutrient requirements you can eat less because you are giving it what it needs. That’s why when you eat something like Cheetos you can eat 5 bags and still feel hungry because you are not giving it the quality of nutrients it needs so your appetite stays elevated to get you to give it what it needs. Make sense right? Quality over quantity.

However, remember that since we are all unique, what might be healthy for one person might not be healthy for another. So, it’s important to find out what you need for your unique needs and then eat that way if you want to be at your best for life.


The three major keys for burning fat fast are building balanced muscle to burn fat while you are resting, doing peripheral heart action training by doing lower body exercises then upper body exercise back to back without rest, and giving your unique biochemistry what it needs by eating according to your Ancestral Type. If you have all three of these keys for burning fat fast then you’ll also have the keys to keeping the fat off permanently. It’s a win win.



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