(Part 5) Where To Start To Get Your Dream Body?

Once you know your desired goal/phase (stability, endurance, hypertrophy, strength, power, absolute power), you must start doing workouts to reach those goals. Workouts = Movements + Variables.

The 5 main variables that are used to create workouts are reps, sets, tempo, rest, and intensity. I don't even include intensity in my own programming, because it's confusing and we can figure out what load/resistance/weight/intensity to use based on the number of reps we desire to get to.

For example, let's say (based your goal) that you want to do a set of squats for 10 reps so you grab 100 lbs. After doing one set of 10 reps, you felt like you could have done 30 reps with that weight. As a result, in the next set what would you need to do to reach that desired number of reps? You will need to add weight/load/resistance which increases the intensity. So, you grab 175lbs and you realize that you BARELY reached your 10 reps. Then that is your new weight/load/resistance/intensity. It's all based on your desired rep range. Make sense?

So, what exercise variables/parameters should YOU use for your workouts? Well, that will depend on your desired goal/phase. First, decide on your ultimate fitness goal. Most people choose that they want to add muscle, which means hypertrophy (aka bodybuilding) is their phase. But you are welcome to choose any goal that speaks to you. Once you choose your desired goal then use the variables below to apply to your workouts.

Here are the variables for each phase (based on the National Academy of Sports Medicine's OPT Model):

Stability Training (Phase 1):

Reps: 12 - 25

Sets: 1 - 3

Tempo: 4,1,2,1

Rest: 30s - 1.5 min

Endurance/Sport Specific Training (Phase 2):

Reps: 12 - 20 Sets: 2 - 4

Tempo: 2,1,2,1

Rest: 45 s - 1.5 min

Hypertrophy Training (Phase 3):

Reps: 8 - 15

Sets: 3 - 4

Tempo: 2,0,2,0

Rest: 1 min - 3 min

Strength Training (Phase 4):

Reps: 5 - 12

Sets: 2 - 6

Tempo: 2,0,1,0

Rest: 2 - 5 min

Power Training (Phase 5):

Reps: 2 - 5

Sets: 3 - 6

Tempo: x,x,x,x

Rest: 3 - 5 min

Absolute Power Training (Phase 6):

Reps: 1

Sets: 6+

Tempo: x,x,x,x

Rest: 5 mins

The tempo is set up in a way so that each part of the repetition has its own specific count in seconds: A (eccentric/down), B (the isometric/pause, C (concentric/up), D (isometric/pause). So, for stability, you might see a tempo of 4,1,2,1 tempo. This means that you will go 4 seconds on the way down, you'll pause for 1 second at the bottom, then go up for 2 seconds, then pause for one second at the top, and so on. Charles Poliquin said that tempo is the most overlooked aspect of most programs, and the most underutilized. If you see an 'x' then that stands for "as fast as possible".

Remember that your goal will determine the desired reps, which will determine the actual amount you lift (everyone is different). The weight I use to get to 10 reps might not be the same as you. Just use your desired reps to determine the amount of weight/resistance/load YOU need to lift to reach that desired number of reps.

If your goal is hypertrophy, or strength, or power, you are probably wondering if you are even ready to get to your goal yet. Is your body ready to lift the amount of weight that is necessary to get to those number of reps? Most likely not.

Should someone go from lifting nothing to lifting their maximum possible weight? Of course not! Your body isn't ready for it! This is why EVERYONE should start with STABILITY TRAINING! This is why NASM calls it Phase 1 because that is where everyone should start when it comes to reaching their goals. It's the phase that will not only give you the balance and stability to control your own body weight and other loads, but it will also create a strong core. This is due to all those muscles inside you having to work to stabilize you. When your core is strong (and tight) your body will also look so. Have you ever seen a gymnast up close? This is why they are so ripped and tight because they have a strong core.

In my program, I teach beginners how to go from no experience to masters of movement by taking you through the most basic of movements and progress you to more advanced exercises, using functional movements plus the correct variables for stability training, you will shed body fat, reduce joint & back pain, gain solid lean muscle, develop core strength, have perfect movement form, and tons of newfound flexibility. I use the most basic of all 7 functional movements and progress you to more challenging ones while using the parameters for stability training. This way you burn fat and gain muscle at the same time.

I have designed this program to be done AT HOME and with few inexpensive pieces of equipment. It's everything you need to lose body fat, gain muscle, and reduce back & joint pain. It's a combination of functional resistance training using bands and bodyweight exercises with specific variables along with a nutrition & diet plan, mobility routine, and low-intensity cardio to achieve the Body Of Your Dreams. That's why I called this program the Body Of Your Dreams Transformation Program.

This will take someone who knows nothing and turn you into a pro with solid muscle, low body fat, and no joint pain!

You can start by clicking HERE to book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL with me so we can talk about your goals, routine, diet, lifestyle, and I will give you tips and tools you can use and see how it can be improved.