(Part 4) Where To Start To Get Your Dream Body?

To reach your fitness goals you will need to work out exercise right? What does a workout consist of? In Part 3, I gave you half the formula for a workout. We know that every workout needs movements, specifically, functional movements. There are seven functional movements all humans do, which are listed below.

  • Squat

  • Pull

  • Lunge

  • Push

  • Bend

  • Twist

  • Walk

In addition, in order to create a workout, not only do we need the movements but we also need exercise variables (also called parameters). The variables are things like sets, reps, etc. The 5 main variables that really matter are:

  • Reps (a fully completed movement from start to finish)

  • Sets (a number of reps)

  • Tempo (the time it takes to complete a rep)

  • Rest (the time between sets)

  • Intensity (the amount of tension/weight/load relative to your one-rep max)


So, the next question is, how do we find out what variables are the right ones for you? Well, that depends on your goals. Remember we decided on your goals in Part 1? In the next blog (Part 5), I will give you the specific variables for each goal or phase that way you can start working out and reaching those goals!


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