(Part 3) Where To Start To Get Your Dream Body?

This blog is based on a YouTube Video I made, check it out HERE.

In Part 1, we talked about how in order to get somewhere you have to know where you’re going, which means you must have a goal or outcome for your body. Everyone’s physical goals can be broken down into one of the following SIX goals (also called phases): 

  •  Stability

  •  Endurance 

  •  Hypertrophy

  •  Strength

  •  Power 

  •  Absolute Power

Once you know what you goals are what is next? No matter what your goals are you must do something consistently to reach that goal. You must…drum roll....workout (and you must workout consistently)! Workouts have two main ingredients in the formula. I’m only going to share with you one of the ingredients today (I’ll share the second next time). 

That first main ingredient is MOVEMENT. All workouts consist of at least one movement variation. Without movement, you just don’t have a workout, so it’s a very necessary ingredient.

All movements can be broken down into what are known as FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS. Paul Chek calls them “Primal Patterns” because we do these movements in life and in nature. Despite the infinite variations of each movement, there are only EIGHT movement TYPES out there. Those types are the squat, pull, lunge, push, bend, twist, walk, and accessory movements. 

Every time we sit or go to the toilet - that is a squat. Every time we climb upstairs or kneel down on one knee - that is a lunge. Every time we grab a door (or anything) and bring it closer to us - that is a pull, also called a row. The opposite of a pull is a push (also called a press), which is how we move things away from us (including a door). Every time we pick things up off the floor - that is a bend, also called a hinge. When we rotate to put a baby on our hip or move things from one side of our body to the opposite side - that is called a twist, or rotation. Every time we move from point A to point b using our legs - that is called a walk, also called gait. And the last movement type is known as accessory movements, also called isolation movements, which involve curls (bicep curls or leg curls), extensions (tricep extensions or leg extensions), and raises (shoulder raises or leg raises). 

These accessory/isolation movements are usually done in isolation on a single joint and are not considered functional because they are usually never done in nature or in everyday life. Think about it, when was the last time you did a bicep curl or leg extension in sport or in everyday life? Probably never. Why do we do them? To strengthen a weak joint or muscle, or to simply have more defined-looking arms or legs (nothing wrong with that). 

So, aside from these last types of movements, we do them all most every day as we go about our life. But despite whether they are functional or not they do comprise a type of movements that we humans do:

  •   Squat

Example: back squat; pistol squat

  •   Lunge

Example: walking lunges; back lunges

  •   Bend/Hinge

Example: deadlift; good mornings

  •   Push/Press

Example: push-ups; chest press

  •   Pull/Row

Example: bent over rows; pull-ups

  •   Twist/Rotate

Example: Russian twists; banded twists

  •   Walk/Gait

Example: run; sprint; hike

  •   Accessory/Isolation (Curls, Extensions, & Raises)

Example: bicep curl; leg curl

Example: tricep extensions; leg extensions

 Example: shoulder raises; leg raises

In conclusion, in order to reach your goals, you must do at least one of these movements with one other ingredient to create what is called a WORKOUT. In the next blog, I will tell you what the last ingredient is so that you can create a workout and ultimately get to your goal, which is the Body Of Your Dreams! So, stay tuned for the next one!

P.S. If you would like to learn more about how to reach your goals or figure out what specific variations of each movement that you need to do to reach your goals then feel free to give me a call by clicking this link HERE. I'll walk you through setting your goals and then setting a framework to reaching them.