(Part 1) Where To Start To Get Your Dream Body?

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Where do you start when it comes to building the Body Of Your Dreams? The possibilities are endless when it comes to getting the body you want. The starting point is always very confusing and random for most people. No matter what you want out of your body this is the foundation and the starting point for getting you where you want to go.

In order to get somewhere, you have to first know where you’re going. This means you need goals. Everyone has goals for their body when they decide to go to the gym or start exercising. Having a goal will mean the difference between aimlessly floating through the gym and having a specific purpose and strategy when you hit the gym. 

All fitness goals can be broken down into ONE of SIX goals (also known as phases):

  1. Stabilization

  2. Endurance & Sport Specific Training

  3. Hypertrophy 

  4. Strength 

  5. Power

  6. Absolute Power

Each goal or phase has different results, outcomes, or focuses:

  • Stabilization Training = Balance + Stability + Core Strength

  • Example = Calisthenics, Gymnastics

  • Endurance & Sport Specific Training = Stamina + Increase Sports Performance

  •   Example = Tabata, HIIT, Running/Jogging

  • Hypertrophy Training = Increase Muscle Size + Aesthetics

  •   Example = Bodybuilding

  • Strength Training = Build Strength

  •   Example = CrossFit

  • Power Training = Explosiveness + Ability To Go Heavy Fast

  •   Example = Power Lifting

  • Absolute Power Training = Ability To Lift Max Weight/Resistance

  •   Example = Olympic Lifting

Keep in mind that FLEXIBILITY is not listed as a goal because it is necessary to perform ALL movements and is therefore needed to do achieve ALL fitness goals. It is not a goal but rather a requirement. What is also required to perform each movement and thus reach each goal are good biomechanics (aka proper form). If you can't do a bodyweight squat to full depth (because of lack of flexibility), or in the correct manner (because of faulty or improper biomechanics) then you most definitely won't be able to squat 400 lbs to full depth with good form. That would be an utter disaster that would lead to injury (as many have experienced), thus possibly ruining your chances of reaching any goal/phase. So, these are the goals, but EVERYONE should maintain proper form AND be flexible enough to get into every movement required of you.

Let’s say that your goal is the build muscle because you want a good looking body. Your goal would be hypertrophy (aka, bodybuilding). Does that mean that if you strived to build muscle you wouldn’t also build strength, power, endurance, and stability? Of course, you would! No matter what your goal you will always build more of everything than you would if you just did nothing. However, when you aim for a specific goal and focus on that (in this case increase muscle size) you end up building more of that than if you were to focus on another goal/phase/zone like say stability. 

When you lift weights you increase in all areas. You will gain stability, endurance, size, strength, and power, but not to the extent you would if you were to focus on only one goal (such as building size). This is because our muscles strive for adaptation to any given consistent stimulus. 

It’s best to focus on one goal at a time, and then move on to another once you feel (and/or look) they way you desire. Finishing a goal all the way through to completion takes commitment and determination. SO, choose a goal and stick to it no matter what! The more challenging the goal the more rewarding! Keep at it - you got this bro (or sis)!

So, what are your goals? When you look at this list what do you think most people’s goals are (if you had to guess)? And...once you know your goals, WHERE DO YOU EVEN START? These are the questions I will answer in the next blog! So, for now, go ahead and comment on what your goals are and I will see you in the next blog!

With Health & Vitality, 

Yusuf Varzideh

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