How To Get The Most Out Of Your Brain & Live At Your Edge

Your brain gives your body the energy it produces thanks to four of the main neurotransmitters, and these are Dopamine, Serotonin, Acetylcholine and GABA.These neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that determine how we think, feel, and behave. These can give you a gateway to your temperament and personality. For example, a dopamine type will be a driven achiever, and a GABA type will be more relaxed and laid back. Your training program can vary depending on which neurotransmitters are more dominant within your brain.

How does this relate to YOUR health or fitness? Well, depending on your temperament and disposition your routine can vary more or less by how often you train, the style of training you choose and the amount of variation you incorporate into your routines. This can all be determined by your neurochemistry. Your brain is predisposed to being higher in certain neurotransmitters than others. Based on this fact you can save time in deciding in what ways you can go about achieving your specific goals (whether that be more power, size/shape or endurance.

Each neurotransmitter plays a specific role that will determine the disposition of an individual. A person higher in dopamine will be more results-oriented and someone of higher GABA will be more process-oriented. This is because of how each affects the brain. Dopamine is the power of the brain; acetylcholine is the speed of the brain; GABA is the rhythm of the brain; serotonin is the recharger of the brain. Dopamine & Acetylcholine are the on switch, they create energy the body uses for power & speed. GABA & serotonin are the electrical off switches: they create electricity for calming the body and producing sleep.

The purpose of the Braverman Brain Type Test is to find out which type(s) you are dominant in, which will help you understand yourself (and your nature) better. Click on this LINK to find out your type (write down your score/results for each).

Once you find out your score you can then list them in order from greatest to least. Which did you score highest in? Which did you score lowest in? The one you scored highest in is what Eric Braverman calls your “dominant nature”, this drives your personality and also gives you a roadmap to your best health. If you tied for two then it will depend on which came first in the order of brain lobes, from front to back. For instance, dopamine is first (since it‘s associated with the frontal lobes), then acetylcholine (parietal lobes), then GABA (temporal lobes), and lastly serotonin (occipital lobes). So, if you scored the same for both dopamine and serotonin then your nature will be dopamine because it comes first in the order of brain wave sequence.

When you took the part about deficiencies, which were you most deficient in? That will be the one you want to spend the most time focusing on correcting. So, if you are of an Acetylcholine nature and are most deficient in GABA then you will want to spend the most time focusing on upping your GABA game.

Now I will be discussing each type, their characteristics, and how to increase them if you are deficient. Everything you are about to read came from Eric Braverman’s book, The Edge Effect.

The Powerful Dopamine Nature

Brain Waves

  • Beta Waves

Percentage of People With Dopamine Nature

  • 17% of the world

What It Affects

  • Affects the power of the body & mind

  • Logic

  • Decision making


  • Powerful people

  • Reflexively fast

  • Quick witted

  • Thrives on energy

  • Strong willed

  • Ambitious

  • Fast on feet

  • Self confident

  • Highly rational

  • Relies more on facts & figures over feelings & emotions

  • Can assess themselves self critically

  • Accepts negative feedback from others

  • Focuses intently & persistently on task at hand

  • Loves knowledge & intellect (chess, books, challenging crossword puzzles)

  • Takes pride in achievement

  • Strategic thinking

  • Masterminding

  • Envisioning

  • Pragmatism

  • Hyperalert

  • Tireless

  • Functions well under stress


  • Better at establishing relationships than nurturing them

  • Could have distant wife & kids

Most Common Jobs/Career

  • Doctors

  • Scientists

  • Researchers

  • Inventors

  • Engineers

  • Generals

  • Architects

Too Much Dopamine

  • Overly intense

  • Overly driven

  • Impulsive

  • Overactive libido

  • May become violent

  • May result in date rape, theft, or reckless driving

Dopamine Deficiency