How I Reduced Inflammation To Completely Heal A Ruptured Disc

I was in a hurry to finish my set and I went to pick up some weights and right as I do, someone dropped weights that scared me and I hear (and feel) a “pop”! I automatically knew something was wrong. I instinctually laid down and put my feet up on a bench and knees at a right angle. I lay my arms on the ground and did some deep belly breathing. Once I felt like standing up I went straight home. After that I was in bed for a couple of days in agony. I had a feeling it was a herniated disc. Thankfully I knew it wasn’t the end and that I could heal it by reducing inflammation in my body. It did heal and that was less than a month ago so I wanted to impart my wisdom onto you.

So, here is How I Reduced Inflammation To Completely Heal A Ruptured Disc:

1. Hot & Cold Water Plunges

When I say cold I mean cold as f***! It sucks but the anti-inflammatory benefits of cold exposure are amazing. When you first get injured your body produces an inflammatory response to help repair it. However, if this inflammation continues for long term then it becomes a problem and prevents healing. To then reduce that long term inflammation of an area you can utilize cold exposure. Lucky for me I had a hot spring right next to a freezing river in Sun Valley Idaho at the time. So, I would jump back and forth between the two for as long as I could take each and it worked like a charm! I would leave feeling better every time. I did this 5 x week for 2 weeks + before bed I took a super cold and super hot shower for 30 seconds each.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

I think this was the thing that helped me the most. I used the rating of certain foods on to find the inflammatory effect of each. I noticed fish, wild game, and green vegetables were the most ANTI-inflammatory (specifically cold-water fatty fish). This makes sense because Omega-3 fats are notoriously used for anti-inflammatory properties, check out this study here. Plus I noticed how grains, dairy, and sugar were the most inflammatory. So, I avoided them at all costs. My diet became a green smoothie in the morning with fish oil and flax seeds, then a green salad with olive oil, sardines, and pumpkin seeds; and lastly for dinner I had a bone broth with a starchy tuber, an assortment of vegetables, some seasoning, and venison, elk, or bison all in a soup (so yummy). I noticed that my energy was much more stable, I was much happier and calmer, I had no cravings, and I had less and less pain each day.

3. Sleeping Early And Deeply

I knew that sleep would be vital to healing my back because sleep is when we are most anabolic (muscle building) and repairing. If we don’t sleep deeply we do not repair. If we don’t re[air then we have pain. And as you know from my blog on the 11 Tips To Get Deep Sleep you learned that in order to get deep sleep you must get sunlight in the morning and avoid blue light at night. I used the exact same protocol from that blog post to get deep sleep so I highly recommend you check that out and apply them today if you have back pain.

4. Stretching

Tight hips are one of the reasons we get back pain. To understand where it comes from check out this blog. The stretches I like best is the “couch stretch” and pigeon stretch, which will reduce pain because they open up the areas that get tight from sitting. It will help because if your hips aren’t tight then your spine has more room to play with and less chance of injury by a compressed disc.

The other part of the body that encourages back pain if stiff is the spine, specifically the thoracic spine (which is the part where your rib cage to shoulders surround). If it's stiff you can try the Bow Stretch that I shared in the blog about how good posture = less pain + better sex. It’s where you lay over something and reach your hands overhead stretching the front of your body. It’s the opposite of bending forward (in this version you are laying on something, but you can also do this without laying on something). Try that stretch and this mobilization using a foam roller or beer keg (yes a beer keg laid horizontal can work).

5. Egoscue + Avoid Sitting

I have been doing Egoscue ever since I met the head of marketing, Brian Bradley. He knows his stuff. To explain shortly, “Egoscue therapists analyze your posture using our uniquely designed software and translate this information into an action plan for alleviating your pain.” And I can say that it works because it gets to the source [of pain and dysfunction] by putting the hips and shoulders in alignment to prevent and fix chronic pain.

I spent lots of time in the “static back” position. For 5 - 10 minutes at a time I would get into the position and just relax fully while playing Solfeggio Frequencies (specifically 174 Hz which relieves pain & stress and 285 Hz which heals tissues & organs) or Binaural Beats (I really enjoy 432 hz for that inner peace feeling).

I also avoided sitting as much as I could. I would either lay down with a few pillows on my lap to put my laptop on or stand on a tall coffee table. You can also buy a standing desk or simply kneel on one knee (like you were proposing) while working and then switch sides every few minutes (a blanket, pillow, or stack of napkins/tissues/paper towels under the knee helps a lot).


Each of these things by themselves holds weight in reducing pain and increasing back relief. But, altogether they are even that much more effective when done in conjunction. Whether the pain is new or you have been dealing with it for a long time it is never too late to fix it. Don’t let sciatica or a bulging disc run your life. Instead, try these 5 tips to reduce inflammation and heal a ruptured disc today and watch how soon your back pain slowly disappears.

Try these 5 tips and let me know if they worked and if so what do you think worked the best for you?